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Janet O'Sullivan

Janet is a psychologist with experience in several specialist forensic and clinical services across both New South Wales and Queensland. She has experience providing treatment for young people and adults with complex backgrounds, such as major mental disorders, child maltreatment/trauma histories, and family and relationship challenges. In addition to her experience as a psychologist, Janet has experience within the child protection field for complex case management and assessment. Since 2018, Janet has worked in various roles across public and private sectors with those who've come into contact with the Australian legal system (e.g., child protection, victims of crime, offenders)


Janet conducts forensic risk assessments and provides therapy services. Her special interest areas include working with those who have maltreatment/trauma histories, violent offending behaviours, and personality and behavioural disorders. Janet completed her Master of Psychology (Forensic) at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and Associate of the APS Colleges of Forensic Psychologists. 


Janet adopts a trauma-informed approach in her work with therapy clients including training in a range therapeutic modalities that are evidence-based. She will collaborate with her clients to feel motivated to change difficult behaviours and learn skills to manage challenging circumstances and relationships. 

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