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Forensic Psychology: Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction

Administrative and Tribunal Reviews

Supervision, Training and Workshops

Competency Assessments 

Assessment, Reporting and Evidence

Fitness to Stand Trial

Sexual and Spousal Risk Assessment

Risk of Recidivism Assessment

Specialist neuropsychological assessment of the cognitive impact of brain injuries and neurological disorders, and their contribution to behaviour

Mental Health Court Assessment

Expert Evidence

Psychiatric Injury Rating Scale Assessments  (PIRS)

Meeting expectations with standards. 

We welcome contact and discussion with service providers and practitioners from all disciplines.

We will happily discuss your referral inquiry with you. We regularly manage referrals from QCS, private individuals and businesses, legal practitioners, interstate statutory bodies and organisations. 

Urban Architecture

Best Practice

DGM Psychology utilises best practice assessment tools and risk instruments.  

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DGM Psychology maintains a high standard of client confidentiality.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology contributes to the civil, criminal and forensic jurisdictions. Forensic Psychologists also offer expert advice in administrative review, coronial and investigative matters. Specialist Forensic Psychologists perform treatment work, also offer expert evidence. 

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